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  • Fully adjustable for baby to sit or lie.
  • Handle is also adjustable so that your baby can face you or face the street.
  • Frame material : aluminium alloy, stable, safe and durable, ensures baby's safety.
  • Awning material : leather, dirt-proof, waterproof and durable.
  • The awning is designed to protect your baby from the sun's harmful rays.
  • Bearing weight : 25kg.
  • Free food tray
  • Fold into small size for easy travelling and space saving
  • Folding, unfolding and driving, all one-handed
  • Reclinable backrest
  • 5 point harness
  • Weight : 6 kg
  • Suitable from Newborn up to 18kg (4+)
  • All-around head pad: It can safely protect your baby's head.
  • Cushion : a new horizontal hug design, the waist part of the cushion to gently protect the baby's waist.
  • Arc head plate : does support the baby's back head, avoid bending or unnecessary pressure when hugged.
  • Head cap : easy to install, protect the unstable head.
  • Size adjustment zipper : adjustable shoulder strap depth to match the baby's physical use.
  • Buckle : one-touch back buckle, easy to operate
  • Safety buckle and side buckle : because the safety buckle and the side buckle are easy to operate, even the baby can easily carry the baby up and down.
  • Breathable materials : breathable materials are used on the abdomen and buttocks.
  • Fashionable design and beautiful color.
  • Sturdy 4-wheel design.
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy, easy to carry.
  • Removable and reversible padded seat.
  • Quick fold system.
  • Under seat large storage basket.
  • Padded seat equipped with 5-point harness seat belt.
  • Adjustable handle bar make it easy to adjust to height of the stroller.
  • Travel System : Easy folding to take it on board a plane or just put it in car trunk. best for travel with your baby.
  • All aluminium alloy frame, high-grade lightweight
  • The frame has a super shock absorber spring
  • Front wheel 8 inch, rear wheel 12 inch pneumatic tyre
  • Front wheel universal quick release with shock absorber, rear wheel double brake and quick release
  • Canopy fill cover, quick release with skylight
  • Seat reclining, sitting three adjustments
  • The armrest can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Chair, basket and fast conversion
  • The chair can be reversible to communicate with the baby
  • 5 point seat-belt
  • Push handle off the ground : 110CM two-way cart.
  • Front wheel diameter : (8 inches) Seated one, variable sleeping basket.
  • Rear wheel diameter : (10 inches) Awning, sleeping basket can be adjusted in three steps.
  • Sleeping basket width : 36CM front armrest, sleeping blue, detachable.
  • Sleeping basket length : 78CM for winter and summer.
  • Front wheel spacing : 50CM seat, push handle can be adjusted at any angle.
  • Rear wheel spacing : 65CM super body spring shock absorption.
  • Sleeping basket height from the ground : 57CM super wheel spring shock absorption.
  • Seat height from the ground : 62CM Simple and stylish installation, one-button car, easy to travel.
  • The bigger the better, the baby stroller is light and tough. (It can be easily dealt with in the face of the stairs).
  • It can effectively block ultraviolet rays, and it is better to prevent mosquito bites. (Caring for the baby).
  • The sitting angle is adjustable, the material is environmentally friendly and foldable. (Safe and reliable, mother saves effort).
  • A highchair makes it easier for small children to sit at the same table as adults, which helps them develop social and eating skills.
  • Easy to disassemble and carry along.
  • The raised edges prevent spills from landing on the floor.
  • Product material : stainless steel frame, environmentally friendly PU leather, environmentally friendly PP material plate
  • Product net weight : 9KG Gross weight: 11KG
  • Product package size : 59cm x 32cm x 56cm
  • Applicable age : 6 months - 4 years old
  • Product introduction : Can sit and lie fast folds Wheels can be detachable and detachable Seat belts can be removed